Sony Xperia Repair Leeds

We Will Repair your Screen in Minutes

Walk-in Service, No Appointment Needed

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All our Sony Repairs are done in house within an hour. All the Sony Range parts are available and in stock whether it is a 2013 Sony Z all the way to the latest Sony Z5 Premium. We ensure perfection with all the Sony repairs is guaranteed with the highest quality parts combined with cutting edge equipment at the disposal of our renowned technicians. We can either replace the screen (LCD + Glass) or the full front panel unit which comes with the frame and LCD factory sealed. Resulting in the customer having an option to choose the type of screen they desire, the price between this two options varies around £40. Our original parts come directly from Sony in Japan and are source by our intensive overseas purchase department.

The Sony Repairs have always been an opportunity for our technicians to delve into their expert knowledge and prove an installation process above any other run-of-the-mill repair shop.

Xperia Z2 Screen Repair......................£70

Xperia Z3 Screen Repair......................£80

Xperia Z3 Compact Screen Repair.....£70

Xperia Z3+ Screen Repair..................£100

Xperia Z5 Screen Repair.....................£100

Xperia Z5 Compact Screen Repair....£100

Xperia XA Screen Repair......................£120

Our engineer are renowned in the with their clinical finish and passion for perfection your device is in good hands.

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In our repair lab, the perfect seal is performed using high-end adhesive and a micro drying-oven with a very low turbulence which allows the seal to be perfect every time giving the device a factory finish.

We can replace screens in minutes, but where our technicians thrive is on more difficult repairs (ie. Water Damage Phones, No Power Handsets, Logic Board Repairs, etc... ). We never require your pass code unless accessing the phone is a necessity to the repair (ie. microphone issue, signal issues, etc...) and your Touch ID will never be effected by any of our repairs.

Sony Expert Repair Service Backed By 12 Months Warranty

After a few weeks of using an inferior quality screen the usual tell tale signs are the glass will come away the bezel and the screen will become unresponsive or will start ghost touching. With any Sony Xperia it is absolutely important to avoid poor quality imitation parts being fitted to your device. Here at TheRepairLab will always guarantee to use the best parts and all our screen repairs come with a 12 months "no quibble" warranty.

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