Samsung Galaxy Repair Leeds

We have mastered the S7 Edge screen repair. Now carried out under 30 minutes

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Walk-in Service, No Appointment Needed

Our technicians have the intensive knowledge in the art of repairing Samsung Galaxy series smart phones. The first Galaxy S was released in March 2010. And they have never looked back back since Samsung exceptional AMOLED Display technology is astonishing and should not be compromised with aftermarket and copy parts readily available in some of the run-of-the-mill shops at slightly discounted prices.

We guarantee to only use Original Samsung parts. Taking pride in our repairs is the upmost importance to our business. Consequently all our repairs are backed with a 12 months "no quibble" warranty!

Our engineer are renowned in the with their clinical finish and passion for perfection your device is in good hands.

Have you broken your Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 screen and are you looking for a trusted repair store? We can lead your Galaxy to salvation as we stock all the Samsung parts* providing our customers a 20 minutes perfect display installation. Fitting the screen with no indication of repair is our primary goal, with very screen replacement being handed back to our valuable customers with a 100% quality finish.

Beauty Conservation Guaranteed

Samsung S7 Shortcut Edge

* All our screens are sourced from Samsung in South Korea by our intensive overseas purchasing department. Ensuring quality AMOLED Display and Gorilla Glass toughened lens are not compromised by cutting out any middle men.

Samsung Galaxy Expert Repair Service Backed By 12 Months Warranty

After a few weeks of using an inferior quality screen the usual tell tale signs are the glass will come away the bezel and the screen will become unresponsive or will start ghost touching. With any Samsung it is absolutely important to avoid poor quality imitation parts being fitted to your device. Some run-of-the-mill shops offer a front glass replacement which is much cheaper but the sealant used to bond the glass to the LCD never dries and will leak into your precious Samsung Device after a few weeks the glass will come of the phone and there is a high chance that your phone ends up being liquid damaged from this sealant shorting contacts of the logic board. Here at The Repair Lab we always use the best parts available and all our screen repairs come with a 12 months "no quibble" warranty.

samsung galaxy s6 edge