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You can use our service without prior booking,

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Our attention to detail combined with years of experience separates us from the weaker competition in the area. All Mac repaired by our team have no signs of being repaired.

The Original Independent Mac Repair Experts

Our company was the first to offer a reliable solution for mac repairs in Leeds, we offer a service for the full spectrum of available Apple products including MacBook, iMac and MacBook Pro Models. We aim to have you back up and running within the day using high quality and original parts. We are the only company in Leeds to offer a full 12 Months warranty on all Mac repairs. No prior booking is required so you can visit our state of the art laboratory at any time.

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Our main offerings are the screen replacement services for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Models, we can replace the entire full top unit or isolate the individual LCD, we let our customers decide which parts they want to fit, as always we are willing to demonstrate any parts prior to fitting.

There is now no need to take your device to the Apple store, we are by far the quickest option, and also the lowest cost solution. We have been offering Mac support options in the Leeds West Yorkshire region since the early days of the Mac Revolution.

We aim for a quality repair that will stand the test of time, at present we are alone in the industry offering a full 12 Months warranty on all services. The Apple store currently only offers 3 Months and your usual rag-tag unauthorised providers in Leeds can offer even less than this.

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MacBook Air

The new slim-shaped 11" and 13" MacBook Air is a common device booked in for screen replacement and water damage repairs. We also frequently upgrade the SSD and replace the battery. In case of software issues, we can upgrade or refresh the operating system to the latest OS X El Capitan on these extraordinary slim MacBook Air's. There is no appointment needed required, we have a standard walk-in service for all your MacBook's needs. Our technicians are always ready and available to advise on the best solution for your device.

Macbook Air Screen Replacement: £CALL

Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement: £90

Macbook Air Battery Replacement: £75

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is also a frequent device booked in with ourselves for cracked screen replacements weither it is just for a LCD swap or just the front glass being replaced. We also offer our customers a full top unit (Genuine Apple Part) replacement at a premium price. All repairs are cariried out by certified Apple technicians ready to advice on the most appropriate fitting solution to suit our customer needs. Software and memory upgrades are carried out the same day. We can increase your RAM memory for more speed or increase your Hard Drive for more storage. A Solid State Drive (SSD) solution is available as well to increase both speed and storage if requested by our valued customers.

Macbook Pro Screen Replacement: From £90

Price may vary according to your MacBook's model number

Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement: £80

Macbook Pro Battery Replacement: £70

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Our crack team of technicians are renowned in the art of MacBook repairs. The most common repairs we encounter are hinge replacements , screen replacements, SSD upgrades and keyboard replacements. With the newly release MacBook we can offer a full top unit which includes, the LCD, the Glass and the frame (Genuine Apple Part available) fitted as well as just replacing the LCD and keeping the original lid and glass. Please give us a bell to discuss the procedure further and we will be happy to advice.

iMac, Mac Pro & Mac Mini

We were one of the first company in Leeds to offer repairs on iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini's. All repairs are done in house and backed with a 12 months warranty unless otherwise stated.

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