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We offer While-U-Wait iPad Screen Repairs in Leeds

iPad Screen Repair Turned-Around in 30 Minutes

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We operate a walk-in service, there is no need for an appointment

There are now dozens of underqualified repair outlets, save yourself the hassle bring your iPad to a genuine repair shop. We can repair every inch of the iPad, including batteries, charging ports, Wifi problems and much more. We aim for speed, so you need not be without your iPad for very long.

Our glass installation procedure has been perfected over many years allowing us to flawlessly repair your iPad without the potential headache of introducing another fault into mix.

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The largest Repair Facility in the UK

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iPad Mini

Glass Replacement from £70

We are renowned in the repair industry for quality parts combined with 15 years experienced technicians resulting in a perfect, gap free, dust free finish. Your iPad will never be handed over with dust or dirt between the replacement digitiser and the LCD. We can now offer all the iPad screens including the iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and the latest iPad mini 3 and 4 for the reduced price of £70.00 (excluding the iPad Mini 4). All repairs and screen replacements come with a 12 months warranty. The screens and parts used are mostly genuine unless otherwise stated.

Beauty Conservation Guaranteed


With over 20,000 repairs completed your iPad is in expert hands

iPad Air

Glass Replacement from £70

We can replace the touch screen on the iPad Air from £70 within the hour and no prior appointment is needed. Most of our screens are OEM and carry a 12 months "no quibble" warranty. Our technicians have the edge with hundred of iPad repairs under their belt therefore producing flawless finishes on all iPads.

The iPad Air 2 digitiser & LCD is fused together and we have flawlessly replaced hundreds of these for our corporate customers making this a pleasurable repair for our technicians guaranteeing perfection all backed by 12 months warranty


Revolutionising the iPad repair industry for over 6 years


Glass Replacement from £50

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When repairing faults on an iPad, it is very difficult to diagnose the issue as the touch screen is sealed with a very strong adhesive which has to be heated carefully using a heat plate. This can cause the glass to break or in some cases become very brittle. There is always a 25% chance the touch screen can become damaged during this removal process to get into the iPad. All iPads are damaged in different ways, some will have broken LCDs, damaged frames, faulty buttons, or damaged charging ports. Every repair requires attention to detail. Our crack team of technicians has seen and cured all symptoms servicing customers' iPads from the first iPad to today's latest iPad and handing them over in a perfect condition.


iPad 2, 3 & 4

iPad 2 Fault Price
Touch Screen From £49
Display From £60
Charging Port £35
Battery £70

iPad Mini Series

iPad Air Series

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